*Important Announcement for ALL Licensed Electricians (EJ/EJS)*

The ELECTRICIANS CONTINUED COMPETENCY PROGRAM (ECCP - 2011 NEC) has almost completed. The ECCP completion certificate is required to renew your license (EJ & EJS).  Make sure to always complete your ECCP prior to your deadline for license renewal.  The next ECCP class will be "ECCP - 2014 NEC" and will not be offered until applicable.  Code books are required to attend any ECCP class.  Please contact our office immediately if you were eligible to receive a code book and did not receive one during the period of distribution.

Classes were offered to all those applicable in 2012.  Please contact our office immediately if you failed to complete the ECCP in 2012. If you are currently unemployed, please contact our office as soon as possible. 

Oahu & Kauai ECCP Instructor: Kenneth Higashi

Big Island ECCP Instructor: Wayne Saiki (KONA) & Troy Haspe (HILO)

Maui ECCP Instructor: Don Suzuki 

Thank you to our ECCP instructors: Ken, Wayne, Troy and Don. We are thankful to have such qualified instructors on board with our organization.